39 Clues: The: Double Cross Book 1- Mission Titanic

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Language: English

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Scholastic

ISBN: 9789351036968, 935103696

Edition: 2015

Pages: 240

The Outcast was banished from the Cahill family, never mentioned again. For years, he's been lurking, watching, recruiting, waiting for the chance for revenge. And now he strikes, with a diabolical plan. The Outcast recreates four of history's most infamous disasters and gives the Cahill kids just days to stop them. There are innocent lives on the line, but what might be worst of all is the double cross that the Cahill kids don't see coming. Will Amy be able to take orders from Ian, now that he's the head of the family? What famous Cahill villain from the past turns out to have an even deadlier brother? And will Saladin ever get a dish of red snapper again?

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