Adhish- Epiphany

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Adhish- Epiphany

Written by-Abhishek Bose

Pencils- Biswajit Roy

Inking- Girish Malap

Coloring- Naval Thanawala

What do you do when you are in a dark place and have nowhere to go..? when you can not see a way out... You look inside,to find a light.. The light of Hope.. And that light, once got lit up, keeps you going, and guide you the path. So is Adhish, searching that light of Hope. Even After discerning his 'extra-ordinary' powers, by having the courage to show the strength in times of mayhem, Adhish finds himself helpless and powerless, as he cannot do anything to find his missing parents. Now the search to find his missing parents will take Adhish on a new journey , where he will unmask various mysteries of the past and may also be able to find his own self amidst this hustle." Join Adhish in this mytho #sci-fi thriller journey, filled with action and adventure, And witness the revelation of One of the greatest mysteries of mankind in the new age Graphic novel which redefines storytelling in India

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