Aghori Bloodlines - Box Set (Issue 9 to 13)

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Aghori Bloodlines - Box Set (Issue 9 to 13)

Ram V


Gaurav Shrivastav, Vivek Goel




232 Pages

Vira’s journey as The Aghori continues in ‘Bloodlines’, the second arc in this tale of magic and myth. A series of strange killings bring Vira face to face with an immortal assassin employed by a cult to eliminate the descendants of a prophesied bloodline. With the last heir, a mere infant, left in Vira’s care, he must get the child to safety. A path that will pit The Aghori, his son Krona and an old friend against an ancient Persian legend and will reveal to Vira and his son the nature of monsters.

Bloodlines is the second arc of the critically acclaimed sensation ‘The Aghori’ – written by Ram V and featuring art by Vivek Goel and Gaurav Shrivastav with contributions from guest artists Harsho mohan Chattoraj and Sumit Kumar. This combo pack collects Aghori Bloodlines – issues 09, 10, 11, 12 & Giant sized issue 13.

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