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Aghori Book 1

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Aghori Book 1

Ram V


Gaurav Shrivastav, Vivek Goel




54 Pages

An ordinary man – thrust into extraordinary circumstances. A father torn from his family. A simple man caught in a struggle of good and evil. Vikram Roy’s life is turned into a living hell, over the course of a single fateful night. But, born of the fire and ash, is a man who refuses to lay down and die. Not while he has questions that need answering – not while he has someone to protect. In his desperation Vikram Roy turns to an unusual education for answers and twelve years on, returns to his world changed – as Vira, The Aghori. Now, he wanders the dark places where nightmares linger, searching for the one thing he loves, the one thing he must protect – at all costs.

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