Aghori Book 2

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Aghori Book 2

Ram V


Gaurav Shrivastav, Vivek Goel




54 Pages

The Aghori’s journey continues. Vira teams up with Ashwin again – this time to follow the words of a goddess, hoping that they will lead him to his son. Vira and Ashwin find themselves in the deserts of Rajasthan where strange things happen in the dark of night. The dead are rising and old wars shall be fought once again. Vira will delve deep into the void of fear and try to find courage even in the face of desperation. Will Vira find his son ? Will the reunion be all that he imagined it would be ? Will there be love and joy – or only fear and death? Aghori Book 2 is the second installment in Holy Cow Entertainment’s first ‘flagship’ series. Following the release of Book 1, writer Ram V continues this tale of mystery, magic and horror with pencils by Vivek Goel ( Ravanayan, Phantom ) and Gaurav Shrivastav ( Aghori 1 ) and colors by Yogesh Pugaonkar ( Ravanayan, Voltron).

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