Aghori Book 3

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Aghori Book 3

Ram V


Gaurav Shrivastav, Vivek Goel




80 Pages

Series of the year nominee, Aghori returns this May with the much awaited Book 3. Vira has recovered from the reunion at Thar, with his son. But the encounter has left him distressed and puzzled but even more determined. Who are the mysterious twins that have turned his son against him? What schemes do they hatch and where does his son fit into their plans? To find these answers, Vira will delve deep into Hell itself and face his foes on their turf, but the answers he will find, will bring him no solace, only fear and foreboding. But before he can do that, he must convince the tenacious Inspector Khare to let him go. Vira and Ashwin team up with the Inspector to solve a string of murders in Delhi. People are dying and they must race against time to find the answers to Vira’s questions. Who is the little girl and what is her secret? Writer Ram V, Pencillers Vivek Goel (Ravanayan), Gaurav Shrivastav and guest artist Lalit Kumar Sharma (Nagraj) team up with colorist Yogesh Pugaonkar (Voltron) once again to bring you yet another bone chilling installment of the critically acclaimed Aghori series! This Aghori Book includes an exclusive preview of HCE’s crime series ‘That Man Solomon’ written by Sudeep Menon and Pencilled by Gaurav Shrivastav. Don’t miss this story of a certified bastard let loose in the 80s Mumbai Underworld.

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