Aghori Origins - Box set (Issue1 to 4)

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Aghori Origins - Box set (Issue1 to 4)

Ram V


Gaurav Shrivastav, Vivek Goel




276 Pages

Discover the beginnings of a journey as an ordinary man, Vikram Roy sets out to discover the reasons behind the night his life turned into a nightmare. Returning to his old life twelve years on as an Aghori – as Vira, he begins to discover a conspiracy to bring about the end of days. At the centre of this plot is his son – Krona. As he struggles to save his son from the grasp of dark powers, fate binds him to his path and despite his reluctance places him firmly on the line where the balance of this age rests.

There at the precipice Vira stands as The Aghori.

Containing Aghori – Origins book 1 to 4 (each book containing 2-2 issues in it thereby making it a set of 8 issues)

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