Archie Americana Volume 2: Best of the 1950s

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Format: Hard Cover

Release Date: 18/10/2011

ISBN: 9781600109454

Pages: 184

The ’50s is a fondly remembered decade for many — for both those who lived through it, and those who know it only from nostalgic movies and TV shows. Now journey back to the days of drive-ins and hula hoops and join Archie and his teenage friends as they frolic through the frantic Fifties! Read about Archie’s Scottish ancestors! See the girls in cassimere sweaters, plaid skirts, and bobbysox! Experience the time Archie and Jughead became beatniks! Behold an Elvis look-alike mesmerizing Riverdale! Witness as Moose takes apart Archie, literally! Follow Archie’s lead as the group hoot it up at the sock hop! Glide with the gang as they rollerskate through the magical world of Riverdale, and laugh again at the antics of American’s #1 Teenagers!

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