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Dragon Ball Full Color Saiyan Arc, Vol. 1

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Story and Art by Akira Toriyama

Release February 4, 2014

ISBN-13 978-1-4215-6592-7

Trim Size 6 5/8" × 10 1/5"


Length 248 pages

Son Goku is the greatest hero on Earth. Five years after defeating the demon king Piccolo, he’s grown up and has a family. But what is the real reason for Goku’s incredible strength? A visitor from outer space arrives bearing terrible news—Goku is an alien, and the visitor, Raditz, is Goku’s brother! When Raditz turns out to be a ruthless killer, Goku must fight his incredibly strong brother to save his family and the entire human race. A surprising alliance may be Earth’s last hope: Goku will team up with his old enemy Piccolo to save the world!

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