Green Arrow Vol. 7: Citizen's Arrest

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Format: Paperback

Author: Julie Benson, Shawna Benson

Release Date: Jul 23, 2019

Pages: 160

Fan favorite writing team Julie and Shawna Benson take the reigns of everyone's favorite Emerald Archer. What turns out to be one of Green Arrow's fiercest battle may also be his last.

Seattle's in for a serious shake-up when Green Arrow crosses quivers with a new vigilante "hero" dubbed the Citizen, who's hell-bent on exposing the corrupt and criminal one-percenters operating in the Emerald City. Green Arrow initially applauds these efforts, until the Citizen turns judge, jury and executioner. Can you guess what bloviating billionaire is next on his hit list? Luckily he's got Black Canary and Kate Spencer watching his back. Unfortunately, they can't save him from everything...

Collects Green Arrow #43-47 and Annual #2

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