Helvetica Standard Italic

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Format: Paperback 


Release Date: 05-12-2017

Pages: 136

The follow up to the hit manga series Nichijou, Helvetica Standard is a full color anthology of Keiichi Arawi's comic art and design work. Funny and heartwarming, Helvetica is a humorous look at modern day Japanese design in comic form.
Just as nothing is ordinary in the world of my ordinary life, nothing is standard about Helvetica Standard.

The second half of this behind-the-scenes peek at the surreal aesthetic of Keiichi Arawi contains a heavier emphasis on artwork created to tie into nichijou as well as a hearty helping of short-format manga, tales and snippets from Arawi’s life as a working manga artist, and the identity of the mysterious novelist John Mark Ware is revealed...

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