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Teen Titans: The Bronze Age Omnibus

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Format: Hardcover


Release: Jun 20, 2017

Pages: NA

The 1970s adventures of comics' original team of teen heroes is collected in a single, massive hardcover for the first time. When TEEN TITANS first hit newsstands, the book featured a group of carefree heroes-in-training with hip lingo and wacky adventures. But within a few years, both the characters and the subject matter would mature considerably as the team said good-bye to the swinging ’60s and entered the Bronze Age of comic books! As college-aged young adults, the Bronze Age Titans confronted bigger, more dangerous villains all across the world (and even in outer space!), as well as the real-world issues of war, protest and gang violence back on the home front. TEEN TITANS: THE BRONZE AGE OMNIBUS collects stories from TEEN TITANS #25-53, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #94, #102 and #149, and BATMAN FAMILY #6, #8-9, from such talented writers and artists as Nick Cardy, Bob Haney, Bob Rozakis, George Tuska and more.
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