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The Bad Book

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Aranzi Aronzo is a D.I.Y. crafts company aesthetically similar to Sanrio (Hello Kitty), with stores all over Japan and a few overseas, earning several millions off sales of their crafts materials and craft books. Hugely popular with Japanese women young and old (as well as a dedicated niche of American crafters), A/A now finally makes its American debut. In the world of kawaii (Japanese cute), little kitties, pandas, bunnies and the like are standard fare, but who ever heard of The Bad Buy, The Liar, or The Thief? Aranzi Aranzo takes the notorious cuteness of Japanese crafts and takes them to the next level with The Bad Book, full of mischief and fun! Each comics vignette acts as a companion guide to creatures they will teach you to make in easy steps that require little more than thread, needle and fabric!
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