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Vertical`s Number Place is a revolution in pocket-sized puzzle books; aiming to buck the trend of computer-generated puzzles--the main cause of the current Sudoku fatigue--as they are designed by a human mind, a rare if not unique characteristic, offering a satisfying, challenging alternative that fans continue to desire. The puzzles in Number Place are conceived by Japan's greatest puzzler mind, Tetsuya Nishio, who takes extreme pleasure in handcreating his puzzles. His latest series, Number Place, provides 101 Sudoku puzzles plus a handful of logic puzzles and mazes! Now, after readers are through with their Sudoku puzzles, they can test out a whole new line of Nishio-created torture! These pocket-sized collections are the perfect companion for the on-the-go puzzler! The continued success of Sudoku means that there's a new breed of Sudoku puzzler: experienced, resourceful, and ready for puzzles that transcend the dull specimens one encounters in the daily newspaper, online, or in mass market magazines. It is this sector of puzzle solvers that grows every day, and the sector for which Vertical has conceived its new line of puzzle books. Number Place takes Sudoku to new levels. Twice as hard as Sudoku Plus, these puzzles are beyond Sudoku...they are number placement and the world of puzzling will never be the same.
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