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Kaged Muscle

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Kaged Muscle

Author: Kris Gethin

52 Pages

Language: English

Publisher: Kalapani Comics

World's famous bodybuilder Kris Gethin's peaceful slumber is interrupted by a phone call His friend Trevor is drowning in alcohol (again) down at Smith's and would need a ride home. Kris drags Trevor out of the bar through the back-alley but before they can cover the short path to his prized sports car, a gang of thugs surrounds them and makes their intent clear - either Kris surrenders his car to them or they pick the keys up from his dead body. Cornered, trapped and outmanned, Kris has no choice but to turn to the ferocious, hungry, machine-like beast inside him... The beast known as Kaged Muscle. When blood Starts dropping, words spreads out of the alley and into the ears of psychopathic gangster Eddie who is mourning, enraged and armed with military-grade weapons.

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