King of RPGs 1

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Format: Trade Paperback

Release Date: 19/01/2010

ISBN: 9780345513595

Pages: 240

Shesh Maccabee is starting college with his best friend, Mike. But Mike is worried about Shesh's dark past--involving an addiction to the massively multiplayer online game World of Warfare. When Shesh and Mike run into a tabletop roleplayer named Jen, she leads them to the campus roleplaying society and gamemaster Theo, the biggest, worst gamemaster of them all. They sit down for a game of Mages and Monsters, and it's not long before the backstabbing starts and the rulebook is tossed--and an ill-fated comment activates Shesh's dark personality, unleashing him on an unsuspecting roleplaying world! Ages 16 and up.

JASON THOMPSON is the author of Manga: The Complete Guide and manga editor for Otaku USA magazine. He has worked on the English editions of Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Dragon Ball Z, among others. He is a Level 14 Shaman/Oozemaster.

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