Lynd Ward: Prelude to a Million Years, Song Without Words, Vertigo

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Format: Hard Cover

Release Date: 14/10/2010

ISBN: 9781598530810

Pages: 690

In this, the second of two volumes collecting all his woodcut novels, The Library of America brings together Ward’s three later books, two of them brief, the visual equivalent of chamber music, the other his longest, a symphony in three movements. Prelude to a Million Years (1933) is a dark meditation on art, inspiration, and the disparity between the ideal and the real. Song Without Words (1936), a protest against the rise of European fascism, asks if ours is a world still fit for the human soul. Vertigo (1937), Ward’s undisputed masterpiece, is an epic novel on the theme of the individual caught in the downward spiral of a sinking American economy. Its characters include a young violinist, her luckless fiancé, and an elderly business magnate who—movingly, and without ever becoming a political caricature—embodies the social forces determining their fate.

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