Premam #1 (COVER-C)

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Premam #1 (COVER-C)



Ravi X, Tarun Kumar Wahi

Lalit Kumar Singh

Naval Thanawala

Vibhav Pandey

Yash, a foxy thief falls in love with Meera, a social worker. Yash recklessly commits one crime after another in hopes of providing Meera with a comfortable life. But his love for Meera turns into an obsession that corrupts his mind.

Meera eventually learns his truth while the entire police force of Metro City is hunting down Yash. Just when hands of justice were about to nab him, Yash and Meera get sucked into the scary jungles of Sangrila.

In his search for Meera, Yash finds himself stranded in a completely new region. What is this place? Where has he landed? Where is this mysterious voice coming from? Why is it asking Yash to lift the mace? Where is Meera now? Will Yash be able to find her? Will she accept him back? And can they escape this place?

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