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Ravanayan Issue 4(2nd Printing)

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Ravanayan Issue 4

WRITER     Vijayendra Mohanty

ARTIST       Vivek Goel

BINDING     Paperback

PAGES       40 Pages

After his audience with Brahma and subsequent taking over of the kingdom of Lanka to wage war upon the world of men, the demon king Ravana has now turned his eyes towards Amaravati, the city of the gods. History tells us tales of the ruthless ambition that took Ravana up against the gods… but that is only because Ravana lied to history.

In the fourth installment of Ravanayan, creators Vijayendra Mohanty and Vivek Goel unravel more secrets that go into the making of Ravana’s legend and tell the story of how Ravana started on the long and painful path of sacrificing his loved ones in the service of his destiny. The story of Ravanayan begins in full earnest.

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