Showcase – Vaali / Ghatotkach (Book 2)

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Showcase – Vaali / Ghatotkach (Book 2)

A. Ganpat Daruwala, Rakesh Kumar, Soumya Das, Vivek Goel


Gaurav Shrivastav, Vivek Goel




40 Pages


Dwapara yuga saw the ascension of humans as the most powerful creatures on the face of earth. It was accompanied by the demise of anything ‘beyond humans’. The gods made sure that the world gets cleansed of everything supernatural. Demi-gods and Semi-demons, all had to go. Ghatotkach was no exception. Born to the warrior Bheem, son of Pandu and the demoness Hidimba, he died fighting for the Pandavas. A bearer of the blood of demons and gods alike in his veins he was the most powerful mystic in the whole world second only to Lord Krishna. The book brings you the story of not only a mighty warrior but him as a son and as a father too. With the writer’s thoughts being put to paper by the spectacular artwork of Vivek Goel (Ravanayan) & Rakesh Kumar (Kim – Campfire Graphic Novels), the book promises to bring forth many facets of Ghatotkach previously limited to only a few books.


Vaali, the mighty ruler of Kiskindha has always been labeled as an enigma. A warrior so powerful that he could subdue the demon king Ravana. A warrior so powerful that even the avatar of Lord Vishnu had to hide behind bushes to kill him. His kingdom prospered under his rule and every alliance he made, made his realm mightier. He did not make it to the final battle in Lanka, but has always been among the most prominent characters in the Ramayana. The book brings to paper the life and death of Vaali accompanied by another piece of extravagant artwork by the very talented Vivek Goel.

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