Suicide Squad: Katana: The Revenge of Kobra

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Format: Paperback

Author: Mike W. Barr

Release Date: Jul 09, 2019

Pages: 136

Suicide Squad member Katana's deadly adventures continue in her own solo graphic novel!

The vicious terrorist Kobra will stop at nothing to destroy those who have crossed him. By killing his beloved Lady Eve, the Suicide Squad swordswoman called Katana has hurt Kobra worse than he's ever been hurt before. Now she's about to learn that Kobra's vengeance knows no limits--not even the border between life and death itself.

Using her own greatest weapon against her, Kobra has sealed Katana inside her own mystic blade, Soultaker. Now her soul is trapped in the realm of the dead, while Eve's spirit takes over her body and schemes to help Kobra destroy Task Force X from within.

To reclaim her life and save the Squad, Katana must escape a supernatural army, take on her own teammates--and give up her one chance of reunion with her late husband and true love.

The battle of Katana's life--and death--has come. Is she ready?

Collects the Katana stories from Suicide Squad: Black Files #1-6.

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