The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia

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Format: Trade Paperback

Release Date: 27/04/2010

ISBN: 9780345501073

Pages: 496

From A to Z, a comprehensive fully illustrated sourcebook containing everything you ever wanted to know about the Amazon Princess.

PHIL JIMENEZ was born and raised in Los Angeles, and later Orange County, California. He moved to New York City to attend college at the School of Visual Arts, where he now teaches a life-drawing course, Drawing for Cartoonists, as part of the undergraduate cartooning program. He began working at DC Comics when he was 21. He is well known for his run as writer/artist on Wonder Woman from 2000 to 2003.

JOHN WELLS is a comics historian best known for his research into the history of DC Comics and its characters. He maintains a massive privately-held database documenting the appearances of DC's heroes, villains, and a multitude of other categories that has served as a resource for writers and editors such as Kurt Busiek, Bob Greenberger, Phil Jimenez, and Mark Waid. John has explored comics history both online, as part of Bob Rozakis' cyberspace "Answer Man" column, and in print, for publications such as Alter Ego, Amazing Heroes, Back Issue, The Comic Buyer's Guide, and DC Comics' Batman in the Eighties.

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