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The Holy Cow Art of Gaurav Shrivastav (Exclusive Hanumanji Poster with every book)

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The Holy Cow Art of Gaurav Shrivastav

COVER BY: Gaurav Srivastav and Prasad Patnaik


PROOF READING: Bijoy Raveendran


180 Pages

12 x 9 Inches

Over 188 pages of incredible art from one of the industry’s hottest illustrators.

In more than 9 years of working for Holy Cow Entertainment, this boy from Madhya Pradesh has illustrated nearly every part of the HCverse, from classic superhero titles like Caster and Shaitan Singh to bizarre worlds like The Skull Rosary and the Showcase series.

Gaurav Shrivastav’s heroic style and dynamic storytelling skills have made him one of the most sought-after artists working today in the Indian comic book industry. After such high-profile projects such as The Aghori and The Last Asuran, Shrivastav has cemented his place as an iconic part of the HCverse.

The Holy Cow Art of Gaurav Shrivastav Volume 1 collects sequentials, cover art, character designs, unused pages, and loads of never-seen-before material from the career of Shrivastav. As part of Holy Cow Entertainment’s 10th anniversary, what better way to celebrate it than to take you through the journey of this fantastic artist. This beautiful hardback includes hundreds of full-colour illustrations and pencils spanning his entire career with extensive commentary from Shrivastav himself!

Plus, an all-new cover by Shrivastav and an exclusive, all-new eight-page preview from Operation Decay Volume 3, written by Ashwin Kalmane (Shaitan) with art by Shrivastav!

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