The Joker: The Bronze Age Omnibus

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Format: Hardcover

Author: Steve Englehart

Release Date: Aug 20, 2019

Pages: 832

With a film starring the Joker as played by Joaquin Phoenix in the works for fall 2019, DC collects the greatest 1970s tales of the clown prince of crime in one massive hardcover for the first time!

He has been the thorn in the side of the Caped Crusader for years, always there to confound Batman and his allies before their own genius and heroics halt whatever crazy scheme has hatched from his maniacal mind. As the swinging '60s moved into the troubled '70s, so, too, did the Joker shift into something new. The Bronze Age Joker was a step away from Cesar Romero's comical portrayal in the Batman TV series toward the diabolical maniac that would eventually plaque the Batman of the modern era. The Clown Prince of Crime had come into his own, both in his own comic book series and in his psyche, or lack thereof...

Including all of the Joker's major Bronze Age appearances, including the never-before-published The Joker #10, The Joker: The Bronze Age Omnibus chronicles the Clown Prince of Crime's adventures throughout the DC Universe. This volume collects Batman #251, #260, #286, #291-294, #321, #353, #365-366, #400, The Brave and The Bold #111, #118, #129-130, #141, #191, DC Comics Presents #41, #72, Detective Comics #475-476, #526, #532, Justice League of America #77, The Joker #1-10, and Wonder Woman #280-283!

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