The Losers Book Two

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Format: Trade Paperback

Release Date: 10/08/2010

ISBN: 9781401229238

Pages: 480

A covert CIA team must turn on its agency after uncovering a secret they couldn't ignore.

Andy Diggle's comics career began somewhat inauspiciously, running the comics section of the Sherratt & Hughes bookshop in Croydon. His university dissertation on comics technique led to him teaching an undergraduate course on Graphic Narrative the following year. He became the editor of seminal British sci-fi comic 2000 AD in the year 2000 before moving on to become a full-time writer. Since then he has co-created Vertigo's THE LOSERS - soon to be a major motion picture from Warner Bros - as well as writing GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE, HELLBLAZER, ADAM STRANGE, SWAMP THING, SILENT DRAGON, Lenny Zero, Judge Dredd vs. Aliens (with John Wagner), The Punisher and Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper, also in development in Hollywood. He currently divides his time between comics and screenwriting.

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