Unknown Soldier Vol. 4: Beautiful World

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Format: Trade Paperback

Release Date: 31/05/2011

ISBN: 9781401231767

Pages: 128

Moses is ready to assume his role as a super soldier in service of a shadowy government agency.

Joshua Dysart co-created and wrote the cult hit comic book series Violent Messiahs in 1997. Since then he has done work for virtually every major comic book publisher, including DC, Vertigo, Dark Horse, Image, IDW and Penny Farthing Press. He wrote the comic book adaptation of the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for Art Asylum, authored the one-shot Van Helsing: Beneath the Rue Morgue (an original story featuring the character from the Universal film) and penned Skull & Bones: A Monster House Story, which was tied into the Sony animated children's film. He's also had his comic books included in the packaging for both The Age Of Conan mmo computer game from Funcom and the Hellboy platform game from Konami. He has written a two volume 270 page graphic novel for Avril Lavigne entitled Make 5 Wishes published by Del Rey Manga/Random House which has been printed in over seven languages as well as digitally distributed throughout Asia..

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