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Format: Hard Cover

Release Date: 25/01/2011

ISBN: 9780345508720

Pages: 288

It was only when he was in his late twenties that author GB Tran began to uncover the extraordinary story of his family. He knew that his parents had fled Vietnam during the fall of Saigon, but now that they were rebuilding their lives in America, they preferred to forget the past--and focus on their children's future. But on a trip to Vietnam for his grandmother's funeral, GB began to learn the tragic history of his family, and of the homeland they left behind. In this graphic memoir, Vietnamese American artist Tran tells the story of his family's experiences during the Vietnam War, a family saga played out in the shadow of history. But it's also a story of survival, escape, and reinvention--and of the gift of the American dream, passed on from first-generation immigrants to their children.

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