Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Vol. 3

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Format: Paperback

Author: Various

Release Date: Aug 20, 2019

Pages: 384

A third helping of 1940s Wonder Woman stories collected in a massive hardcover for the first time.

Since her introduction in 1941, the amazing Amazonian warrior called Wonder Woman has been fighting for truth and justice. In the turbulent era of World War II, Wonder Woman was a unique class of superhero, treating even her enemies with compassion. In both her crime-fighting escapades as Wonder Woman and in her civilian life as Diana Prince, she tirelessly fought for the good of all humankind.

In these classic Golden Age adventures, Wonder Woman battles smugglers, spies, and evildoers of all kinds--including evil baroness Paula Von Gunther and fierce villainess Cheetah. Witness these iconic adventures featuring Etta Candy, Steve Trevor, and everyone's favorite Amazonian princess in Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Volume 3.

This edition collects stories from Sensation Comics #25-36, Wonder Woman #8-11, Comic Cavalcade #6-8, and The Big All-American Comic Book.

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