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YU-GI-OH! Vol. 03

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Story and Art by Kazuki Takahashi

Release November 19, 2003

ISBN-13 978-1-59116-179-0

Trim Size 5 × 7 1/2


Length 216 pages

Out of the sands of Egypt, the mystic Shadi has come to test Yugi's powers... because there can be only one King of Games. With the Millennium Scales and the Millennium Key, Shadi summons deadly illusions which will give Yugi his greatest challenge yet--and if he loses, his best friends will die! Then, Yugi's classmate Hanasaki takes his infatuation with superheroes too far; Yugi and his friends discover the hidden characters in digital keychain pets; and Yugi meets Mokuba, Kaiba's brother, for a high-stakes game of "Capsule Monster Chess!"

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