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YU-GI-OH! Vol. 06

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Story and Art by Kazuki Takahashi

Release September 7, 2004

ISBN-13 978-1-59116-471-5

Trim Size 5 × 7 1/2


Length 208 pages

They say the King of Games never loses...but can even Yugi beat these tough new opponents and weird games? "Monster Fight" takes dueling action figures to a new level when Yugi puts his soul into the figures! A sinister classmate challenges Yugi to a magical game of "Dragon Cards!" Jonouchi faces an old enemy who's turned yo-yos into a deadly weapon! But Yugi may have finally met his match when he meets his new classmate Bakura, a game master with a secret, who invites him to join a role-playing game campaign...

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